Folly derives from a contemporary need to develop an unconventional escape. The approach behind the architectural design is filtered through sustainability, integrated technology and shared experiences. This uniquely designed structure provides an experience that allows you to physically connect with fellow explorers or simply relax in alone time. Utilizing architecture as an agent of cohesion between the existing and the proposed allows for Folly to provide an opportunity to disconnect in the midst of this unique desert retreat while reconnecting with the environment as well as its inhabitants.


In the 1950's the Federal Government created the Homestead Act, to help populate the Mojave Desert. Sadly, the only requirement was to build four walls and a slap a roof on a five acre parcel. Fast forward sixty years to an era of derelict and disheveled homestead shacks scattered throughout one of the most sacred national parks in the country.

Taking the desire to transform a space while utilizing the existing structure and its secluded location, we reinforced the existing skeleton to create a structurally sound infrastructure, protect the end user from the extreme weather fluctuations. A visual outdoor-indoor feel, yet enjoying this unique landscape in an off-grid comfortable environment.

Amplifying the roof pitch to optimize space and the aesthetic of a 21st Century cabin, designed by Millennials, for the purpose of retreating from the world or sharing this unique park experience. The existing footprint is transformed from a survivalist homestead into a curated modern space. The off-grid footprint contributes positive influence, from the grey water landscape system, to the solar tree providing clean energy for the A/C and power needs. The iPad controlled home, allows your experience to be comfortable, organic and if you choose, interactive.     

We added to the Folly by creating a second structure, to support the off-grid systems to feed the self-sustainable experience. We also added a ‘Stargazing Suite’ above this to amplify the enjoyment quotient, with a fireplace, a semi-open roof for stargazing and a projector for the partial roof to watch movies under the stars. Every space has been maximized for ambience, innovation and experiences.