People are talking . . .

By: John Buffini

Do you ever get the feeling people are talking about you? Well this time it’s true! Not only did we get a beautiful write up by Dwell Magazine for their current publication, but Joshua Tree itself is drawing the attention of  media outlets and for interesting reasons.

Dwell Magazine came up to to the Mojave Desert to visit us and do a remarkable piece on The Folly and to learn why we created it and our strong desire to share the Folly experience with others. Our special thanks to the talented photographer Sam Frost for capturing the best of Folly and to Kelly Vencill Sanchez, Contributing Editor and Writer for Dwell, who so accurately captured our vision for what this and future Folly’s are meant to be.  Check it out here:

Dwell Feature

CNN picked up on the Artists being drawn to the “Dr. Seuss” surreal landscape of Joshua Tree. They also featured a fascinating artist Ian Ruhter, who creates one-of-a-kind handmade glass photographs called Ambrotypes, remarkable work.

CNN also created a very detailed list of diverse activities you can do alone or with a guide during your time in the High Desert.

CNN Article 

Forbes went in a different direction, the desire to escape the metropolis vibe. The journalist wanted to spend more time there, but was also wary of being around cacti. What additionally gave us all a chuckle, was the article is under the ‘Wanderlust’ headline, but it felt like their team hardly got out of the car! Read below to see what I mean:

Forbes Article 

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