How It All Began… Pappy & Harriett’s

By: John Buffini

We particularly love Pappy & Harriet’s, because they had a vision for creating an experience, a community of music lovers, enveloped in the epic boulders of Pioneertown. Pioneertown itself has an almost mirage quality, devised by Hollywood creators over seven decades ago, wanted to create a frontier town feel for a movie sets and film crews. A cartoonish type design where stables, saloons, and jails, now contain ice cream parlors, bowling alleys, and motels. A few decades on and fifty films later, Claude ‘pappy’ Allen opened Pappy and Harriet's inside the Pioneertown ‘Cantina’. He drew the free spirited biker and road warrior for miles around for over a decade. After he died, his legacy lived on after with Robyn Celia and Linda Krantz, two New Yorkers who loved P&H and wanted to see it returned to its glory days. The girls bought the club in 2003 and have done just that. Musicians from Robert Plant to Vampire Weekend to Leon Russell to Sean Lennon and many more have graced the P&H stage. The legendary Paul McCartney has popped by to blast out a set in this unique destination. Music lovers are also rewarded to great barbecue, and good times in memory of Pappy and all those who came before him.

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