"Evoking the past and future, a high desert outpost powers itself." - Dwell Magazine


One should never have to sacrifice sustainability for luxury.



Folly guests can sleep in the stargazing suite, known as The Portal. A place to sleep for those who seek to be outdoors while experiencing the comforts of a fully operational bedroom. A queen-sized bed sits as the center of the cozy lounge area, this ‘portal’ can be used to absorb the wonders of the milky-way at night or be modified to become a daybed for sunbathing. The north facing wall conceals a mini fridge, storage and bio ethanol fireplace.


"I can’t recommend this place highly enough. I spent the night comfortably, beautifully under a blanket of STARS. It was truly a mesmerizing place to spend on my birthday . I will definitely return in the near future. "

[ Molly ]

"Amazing stay at Folly. This tiny house is a perfect way to get off the grid and spend some time near Joshua tree. The stargazing suite is magical, and sleeping under the stars is an amazing experience. The home is also only ten min from the park entrance which was very convenient."

[ Ted ]

"This Folly is an architectural and aesthetically pleasing home that’s right next to the mouth of Joshua Tree. From the Stargazing bed to the comforting home that is perfect for two, the house is just the perfect place to stay right in between seclusion and accessibility."

[ Joseph ]

"This place is a must see. So peaceful but with all the modern amenities and perfectly art directed. Amazing!"

[ Jeremy ]

"Falling asleep under the stars  comfortably was just priceless. Wish we would have had a few more days to enjoy the space. Loved every minute of it!"

[ Andrea ]


Take home folly products to keep the experience alive when you share with your family & friends.


The Folly Collection explores moments of disconnect, that provide guests the sense of self and solitude. The luxury to disconnect, while reconnecting with your surroundings. An experience that will preserve and pay respects to its unique environment and history. Secluded away and surrounded by endless vistas, Folly is launching two new destinations on the eastern seaboard and the Mojave Desert. The new destinations will live with a harmonious juxtaposition of historic beginnings, innovative off-grid architecture and authentic experiences.



fol·ly /ˈfälē/

In Architecture, a whimsical  structure built to serve as a conversation piece, lend interest to a view and experience. From solar panels, to the curated iPad controls, we based all of our decisions with our guests and the environment in mind. 


“In traditional architecture, a folly is an ornamental building that doesn’t serve any kind of purpose. This Folly is a very different concept where every bit of space is deemed practical.”

Kent Griswold Editor and Writer - Tiny House

“A desert retreat designed for the contemporary traveler looking to live off the grid”

Kat Barandy Editor - DesignBoom

“Located just north of Joshua Tree National Park, two tiny cabins clad in weathered steel give off the impression that they’ve been abandoned in the beautiful desert landscape.”

Nicole Jewell Design Writer - Inhabitat

“With all due respect to Alaska, the Mariana Trench and outer space, the ‘last great frontiers’ are sometimes right in our own backyards.”

Tanner Garrity Editor and Writer - InsideHook

“The Folly cabin offers the perfect retreat from the world, as the unique, two-building structure sits in Joshua Tree and offers guests incredible stargazing experience and a whole lot of peace and quiet.”

Mike Newman Editor - CoolMaterial